Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips And Tricks To Manage Mercenaries

Here are Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips and tips to help those newbie in choosing mercenaries since the game comes with new system. Here is what you need to learn if you are having a hard time building a strong mercenary team.


Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising


Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips To Start Your Mercenaries

You start you mercenary from level one. The first mission you take is exploring one dungeon stage but it does not make the mercenary to level up. Don’t worry as other mercenaries sacrificed for it to earn EXP in your mercenary menu to level. Keep in mind that some mercenaries are not leveling as fast as you want when you sacrifice some mercenaries for EXP. This because there are different amount of EXP mercenaries can give out. Mercenaries which are truly awful to fight include King Porings, Porings, and Angelings. They are only good to be used as sacrifice for your main mercs. When building your best team, always remember this Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips to earn better EXP.

Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips To Basic Potential Of Mercenary

When building a team, it is also important knowing your mercenary’s basic prospective. Choosing which mercenaries to keep and which ones to sacrifice can be done by seeing the frame color around your new draw. The frame color specifies the prospective of your mercenary. White, Green, Orange, and Purple are the frame color of mercenaries with Purple as the top stat prospective while White is the lowest. You will also see S and SS on certain mercenaries which is kind of Special and Super Special version. Those mercenaries have higher stats over its normal version. Make sure you level a purple S mercenary if you find one. If you draw mercenaries with better prospective but your mercenary have reached max, use that max level mercenary for compounding. This Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips will enhance its class or special skill.

 Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips To PvP

It could be fun having PvP since you can battle against different players and obtain rewards. It is common if you are defeated a lot in the start, but you will be able to make your mercenaries stronger and win more later on. Bring Mercenaries into difficult dungeons to help you beat enemies and use them to level a new character.  This Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Tips will let you act your mercenaries as a tank for your weak character to help it defeat lots of enemies easier.

Using Boom Beach Hack Trick to Win Instantly

boom beach trick and tips

Boom Beach hack trick can be something that many people are looking for nowadays. Boom Beach itself is a very interesting and entertaining game. It is a strategy game just like Clash of Clans, but some people say that this game is better than Clash of Clans. Although this game has the basic setup like Clash of Clans, everything in this game is different from the graphics, battles, items, sounds, and many more. This game come in better engine that make it has better graphic quality that doesn’t require better device to play it. If you try to find any hack and trick for this game, you get some benefits from it.

If you ever played Boom Beach before, surely you will find that the diamondstones in this game is very important. You will need this diamonds to get the stuffs, weapons, or upgrade your buildings. The problem about the diamonds is that it is not easy for you to get it. It will also take a long time for you to collect many diamonds. Actually, you can pay to get the diamonds. But, many people tend to use Boom Beach hack and trick to get the diamonds. It will give you many advantages because you don’t have to pay any cents but you can get unlimited diamonds in this game. You will be able to upgrade your level very fast.

If you don’t want to use Boom Beach hack trick, you can try some simple tricks to help you in this game. Of course you will need to build with intelligence. There are many buildings in this game. It’s better for you to start by building house, main house, and sawmill. The wood and the gold should be invested as soon as possible that will be usable for upgrading the buildings. Wood is particularly needed, so need to build the warehouse where you can store the wood and the gold. You can also look others advance players to look at their structure of the settlement and learn from them.

Playing Boom Beach surely very interesting and can make you addicted to this game. You to use your creativity and strategy to win this game. It is a multiplayer game where you can fight against other opponent through the internet. You will need a stable internet connection to get the best experiences for playing this game. And, using Beach Boom hack trick can be an instant way to win this game.


DomiNations Strategies, Tactics And Tips To Win More

DomiNations Game Play

This game is more than just an easy strategy game so make sure you learn DomiNations Strategies and tips if you get stuck and keep getting defeated. It may take months to master the game on your own but there is faster way to learn by reading this guide. Avoid mistakes in your moves and spending on that precious gold if you know how to play smarter.

DomiNations Strategies For Food And Money

There are lots of aspects you should manage in DomiNations so it takes lots of attentions from different of directions in the game. Food and money are the most important currencies in the game. Before spending on anything else, make sure you upgrade on your mills, farms, markets and merchants to the max first. You may also generate gold by building street and connect them to all buildings in your town. DomiNations Strategies recommend to build a wonder that increase your resources. Build Hanging Garden close enough trees and gold mines as it will reduce wait time of harvesting by half and increase production by 20%.

DomiNations Strategies For War

The number of troops you can send to war is limited. But it will go higher constantly as you level up. Make sure you always send powerful units to a war. If Mercenary camps have been unlocked, buy specialty troops that cannot be built in barracks. Your friends may send troops to help if you join an alliance including special units that unique to their choice of nation. You may also unlock Sabotage skill to disable buildings and First Aid skill to heal troops by building the War Academy. Boost your defense, attack, and loot from blessings by building temple. This DomiNations Strategies and troops may only be used if you want to while blessings are activated automatically. Use all of these boosts to battle as you do not know what you expect there.

DomiNations Strategies In Hunting

Hunting is not just a mean to spend the spare time while you wait for troops to be completed. You can also generate more gold and food by hunting every animal in the area. It takes more people to hunt bigger animals. You will need 6 citizens to kill the bear. You can even earn substantial amounts of food by hunting small animal like rabbits. Do not think hunting will produce constant food as you progress. Instead, whenever you upgrade to a new age, amount of animal payout raise. DomiNations Strategies suggest you to hunt all animals since they are limited in numbers and rarely spawn.

Brave Frontier Tips And Tricks You Need to Know

Brave Frontier

Get to the top levels and beat the hardest dungeons with these Brave Frontier Tips. Brave Frontier is role playing game that features old school RPG’s gameplay mechanics. There are some elemental aspects that are used in arena battles, party members, multiplayer raids, loot, and many more. To get high-level characters and many other importances, you need to learn many things in this profound and difficult RPG. This really helpful guide will help you to become a dungeon master.

Brave Frontier Tips To Synthesizer

Upgrade your synthesizer to take benefit of your town’s item stock area. The best Brave Frontier Tips is by carrying a lot of curing items when going into battle. Make the most of your town’s item area allow you to expand on these items. There will be more items out of your town’s synthesizer by offering up some karma towards it. You’ll get the more useful items with better synthesizer. There are lots of benefits if you have more item stock area so keep this in mind when upgrading.

Brave Frontier Tips To Daily Events

You can earn certain items from daily Vortex event dungeons so it really helpful to know what they can give you. These dungeons may offer reward on certain day if you’re win. you will get Congregation of Souls or karma every Monday. At Enchanted Paradise, Elemental Spirits, Nymphs, and Idols are Evolution Materials you can get every Tuesday.  Go to Cave of Desires to get Mimics on Wednesday. At Oasis of the Gods, Totems are 4-Star Evolution Materials you can win on Thursday. Visit Hostile Relics to get Crafting Materials and EXP on Friday. The Golden Vault will offer Zel, Synthesis Currency and Fusion on Sunday and Saturday. This Brave Frontier Tips is important to know if you need certain items to collect.

Brave Frontier Tips To Use A Brave Burst

You do not know when you will encounter boss during your journey, so make sure you save a Brave Burst Attack at any time you need to use it. You may unleash this attack If you know you won’t encounter boss after you’ve just participated in one. The most in battle you participate will be easier if you use the Brave Burst moves that heal all party members immediately and aim all enemies at the same time. This Brave Frontier Tips will help you a lot in many grave battle and difficult bosses so think carefully when using this attack.