DomiNations Strategies, Tactics And Tips To Win More

DomiNations Game Play

This game is more than just an easy strategy game so make sure you learn DomiNations Strategies and tips if you get stuck and keep getting defeated. It may take months to master the game on your own but there is faster way to learn by reading this guide. Avoid mistakes in your moves and spending on that precious gold if you know how to play smarter.

DomiNations Strategies For Food And Money

There are lots of aspects you should manage in DomiNations so it takes lots of attentions from different of directions in the game. Food and money are the most important currencies in the game. Before spending on anything else, make sure you upgrade on your mills, farms, markets and merchants to the max first. You may also generate gold by building street and connect them to all buildings in your town. DomiNations Strategies recommend to build a wonder that increase your resources. Build Hanging Garden close enough trees and gold mines as it will reduce wait time of harvesting by half and increase production by 20%.

DomiNations Strategies For War

The number of troops you can send to war is limited. But it will go higher constantly as you level up. Make sure you always send powerful units to a war. If Mercenary camps have been unlocked, buy specialty troops that cannot be built in barracks. Your friends may send troops to help if you join an alliance including special units that unique to their choice of nation. You may also unlock Sabotage skill to disable buildings and First Aid skill to heal troops by building the War Academy. Boost your defense, attack, and loot from blessings by building temple. This DomiNations Strategies and troops may only be used if you want to while blessings are activated automatically. Use all of these boosts to battle as you do not know what you expect there.

DomiNations Strategies In Hunting

Hunting is not just a mean to spend the spare time while you wait for troops to be completed. You can also generate more gold and food by hunting every animal in the area. It takes more people to hunt bigger animals. You will need 6 citizens to kill the bear. You can even earn substantial amounts of food by hunting small animal like rabbits. Do not think hunting will produce constant food as you progress. Instead, whenever you upgrade to a new age, amount of animal payout raise. DomiNations Strategies suggest you to hunt all animals since they are limited in numbers and rarely spawn.