Strategy Guide of Clash Royale


Clash Royale iOS and Android mobile game has been released internationally a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who are beginner to this game, you probably will get frustrated because it is difficult for you to win the battle and you will probably difficult to understand the strategy of the game. You have to play this game for a couple of days, and you will finally start to understand on defeating a couple of your enemies, manage your elixir and gold resources, playing decent offense and defense, and building a good deck. For those of you who are looking for strategies and tips in order to help you defeat your opponents, this article will give a couple of them for you.

Building a Good Deck

It is important for you to know your cards of building a good deck in this Clash Royale. You just have to consider on how much gold and elixir that you have to use for every card costs and the damage that will be happened. And also you can try them out by combining them with a couple of other cards in order to check out which one is better for you. If you are familiar with kinds of damage that can be done by different cards, the combos card which work well, you will get the better deck.

Decks should be changed and the Results should be analyzed

If you want to know the best cards which work well together, you have to make small changes to your deck. One or two cards can be traded out and you can play a couple of battles and find if there is impact of it. If your deck has been changed drastically on every battle, it is very difficult for you to find what works well for you and what does not.

Balancing Good Decks

You have to fill your deck with heavy hitters, but you will have to spend your costs for more elixir if the more damages that have been done by the card. If your deck has been filled with a couple of cards which come with 4 0r 5 elixirs, you cannot be able to move out. A couple of the lighter cards such as Goblins and Archers are very useful that you can use as back-ups and they will move so your deck will be balanced with both light and heavy cards.