The Best Game 2017 and Some of the Potential List

There are some of the best games 2017 to expect that have made the avid gamers wait in anticipation despite of them not being launched just yet. These games are available in different gaming consoles but that what makes it more exciting, right? Since the games aren’t exclusively belonging to one specific console only, you can expand your choices and pick the one you really like.


The Best Game 2017: Resident Evil

Who hasn’t heard Resident Evil? Even those who aren’t gamers know the name as the game manages to make itself one of the most iconic and legendary game in the industry. And it is not really surprising that Resident Evil 7 has been claimed as one of the best games 2017 – the one that makes gamers giddy in anticipation. Set to release around the 24th of January 2017, this one is ready to make some action again. Well, after falling out of the charts for a while, it is important to have a solid comeback, don’t you think? And another cool thing about this one is the possibility of VR availability.


The Best Game 2017: For Honor

If you like the idea of dealing with a bloody Valentine, this game is up your alley. If you see the trailer video on Youtube, you will understand why this game is considered worthy as one of the best games 2017. With hack and slash type, you can play the platform resuming roles as a samurai, a knight, or a Viking – whatever one you like. Being developed by one of the strongest companies in the gaming world, Ubisoft, you will like this action medieval type of game. Get prepared for the 14th of February 2017!


The Best Games 2017: Halo Wars 2

Set out to be releaed around the 21st of February 2017, the game has been considered as one of the best gaming platforms ever made and created. After 7 long years of being inactive, this game is back again – and this time with the real-time strategy development. You may fall of hope with this, but you will see that it is worth all the wait.


The Best Games 2017: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Another legendary and iconic Nintendo games to expect which is a part of the Legend of Zelda series. Unlike the previous games, the new one will have an open world setting, available for Switch and Wii U. The new one somewhat has Far Cry and Skyrim feel to it. It is no wonder if this one is considered as another promising and the best games 2017 that anyone can’t wait for.