Top 5 Writing Gadgets for Content Writer

It is very crucial for a writer to have writing gadgets that you can use because those gadgets are very useful for you. There are a couple of things which any writer cannot think about that and one of the things is content writing gadgets. There are a couple of writing gadgets for those of you writers out there that are available.

SteelSeries Typing Keyboard

This type of keyboard is very heavy which is supported with solid keys. You have to keep in mind that it is the most useful gadget for content writers. The design of the tool is very simple but this gadget comes with a couple of unique features that are very easy to manage because it comes with multimedia connector and USB port connectivity gold plated switches.

Ultra Book

This is one of the most useful writing gadgets for content writers. This gadget is the ultra thinnest book that comes with less power if compared to a couple of other portable devices. This ultra book comes with illuminated keys so it can be worked on comfortably.


A notebook is very old gadget for content writer because this can be kept in order to write down their feelings and thoughts whenever they want and wherever they want.

Idea Paint

Idea paint is the brand new writing gadgets that are available in the market for those content writers that come with new technology of writing. This pen is really amazing because you can use this pen on any surface. And this pen is really useful because your writing can be kept by this pen active everywhere.

Voice Recorded Pen

Voice recorded pen is a pen that can be used by writer which is completed with audio recording. This kind of gadget is very useful for content writers in order to record a couple of things that very important and it can be written down immediately.


In this era of technology, content writer does not have the sounds of inspirational of the thing that will inspire them, but there are a couple of great tech writing gadgets that can be used in order to bring enjoyment, excitement, and innovation to the experience of writing. In this article will read five great writing tools that you can invest in to increase the experience of your writing. You have to consider that these writing gadgets will make you a better writer than you before.